Mac: A New User’s Experience

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Since last few days I am using Macbook with Mac OS X 10.6.3.  Here I tried to share my short time user experience focused on usability and features rather than look and feel. I hope experienced apple eaters wont mind on my pre-mature review and fell free to suggest me conceptual remarks.

Features that I like most:

  • Process management is awesome.
  • Faster Data transfer than other platforms with same configuration hardware.
  • Spotlight- i’m lovin’ it.
  • Inter application connectivity among default mac applications.
  • Applications are applications; not seen to become as os feature after install, you know what I mean ;).
  • Found pure flavor of multitasking there.
  • Terminal using UNIX commands, a plus for penguin lovers.
  • Hitting screen corners with mouse to get all the windows, desktop etc. and it works enough smooth.
  • Application installation procedure is too smart crashing any dependency.
  • Dedicated eject button
  • Common preference command ⌘, for any application.
  • Disk utility is nice.
  • Seems the track pad knows how much I want to scroll. Multi touch trac pad is awesome
  • Three-pane-view finder is good.(but i will keep nautilus on top)
  • Power management is awesome.

Things I am frustrated with:

  • Built-in mail client is too lazy to sent mail immediate after hitting send button.
  • Delete button doesn’t behave well at FireFox.
  • Hitting enter on a selected folder suppose to open that folder instead of opening the folder rename. I will say pressing command buttons to open a folder is over smartness.
  • Cut-paste missing 😦
  • Have to watch the eaten apple all the time at the top left corner.
  • Mac OS X is much larger in size and so the updates are.
  • Requires huge horse power to run OSX (ah! Linux is the lightest thing you ever install in your computer)
  • Isn’t the price of hw/accessories too high?
  • Creating a desktop short cut from anywhere in the mac is much frustrating.
  • Viewing hidden file in mac osx is much frustrating.
  • If I use an external drive and delete some files from there then mac keeps the deleted items in the trash folder inside that drive occupying more space instead of permanently deleting the file. I should call it an un-smart act of mac. even they don’t have permanently deletion feature.

What I am missing here:

  • Though Mac provides advanced screenshot functionality but still missing my old button
  • Missing a good built-in text editor, wish Textmate may built in with mac os x 😛
  • Missing remote desktop connection GUI utility.
  • VGA port… must be a bad joke from steve job (dude you are selling the port separate shamelessly! )
  • Missing permanent file, folder deletion system from keyboard

I must quote a mac users’s comment here: “OSX is based on FreeBSD – they took a free operating system and customized it (Darwin) and then called it their own and charge a huge premium (allowed by BSD)”. I would say it’s alright but can anybody speak to steve that for this single reason apple should give the facility to existing leopard users to upgrade to lion free of cost 😉

Overall my impression on mac is “much impressive performer”. Still I would like to spend extra bucks for apple thingy.

Cheers! 🙂



12 thoughts on “Mac: A New User’s Experience

  1. Did you try to copy and paste a folder over a folder? I have accidentally deleted my old MAMP htdocs folder while upgrading MAMP. Mac lacks the merge option.

    With muli-touch did you try the swipe features? Four finger touch options?

    Screenshot: ⌘+⎇+4 select region
    ⌘+⎇+4 then hit SPACEBAR to get a camera to grab current app window.

    To view hidden files/folders you can edit defaults to enable them. Mac is just a foolproof simpler GUI OS. Experts will just get away with whats default. You can even fireup the terminal with shortcuts. And there are many productivity tools available to get faster.


  2. Well, If you get a fresh Mac, it definitely comes with the best hardware. But if you are not fond to the OS, you can get lot batter PC hardware with similar price. The main problem is, Mac users buys a mac with $500 and compares this with $100 PC 🙂 But I like apple hardware and design…


  3. I always forget the screen-shot commands of mac. There are lots of frustrating things in mac, I am missing tab browsing features of Nautilus in Finder. Finder doesn’t have Up button, QuickTimes is bullshit, and so so….

    But, I do like rest of the things in mac….


  4. Vga port is a great joke! Or a greedy man’s design. If ican make a presentation rght away from my laptop what for it is? I dont know who likes to carry extra ports and connectors. Omi is right. One should not compare $500 mac to $100 pc.


    1. yeah, absolutely. But they are saying it takes place to fit inside the case so they removed this port and will never add it with body.
      so my question is if they are giving excuse of interior space; why don’t they give it as free accessories while purchase?
      even 1200/1400USD is not a joke!!


  5. You have Empty Trash command Command + Shift+ Delete. To delete thinks permanently from the trash. The two level deletion system is there from the beginning of the mac. For all Mac Applications, open command is command + O. This is universal standard for Mac. Enter and Return are used for renaming the file or folder in finder.

    In Mac OS, the delete button is equivalent in PC’s backspace. Historically Apple put the name of the button that way.

    In Mac OS all the shortcuts can be modified. The shortcut of taking screenshot can be changes according to your choose from the System Preferences.

    I hope you’ll be impressed with the new Mail in Lion. Its just great.


    1. thanks for your additions. 🙂

      but what about these:
      1. is there anything similar to transfer file to removable storage or to desktop as shortcut i.e. ‘send to..’?
      2. anything like cut-paste?


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