About Me


I am the author of the book “PHP Application Development with NetBeans: Beginner’s Guide” and working at Vantage, Dhaka (http://www.vantage.com/) where I am leading and maintaining a highly available SAAS platform VantageCRM that is the single most intuitive and easy to use Customer Relationship Management system (http://www.vantageip.com/products-services/vantage-crm/) on the market.

Being a passionate developer since last eight years, I have developed a series of web applications, services & solutions for leading software companies in the country like somewherein, improsys etc.

An agile software craftsman who loves to code, keeps himself update with cutting edge technologies and plays with PHP, Zend Framework, Symfony2, Ruby-on-Rails, JavaScript, AngularJS etc. loves to moderate the local PHP community phpXperts and conducting seminars, workshops at different tech premises.

My Linkedin profile: http://bd.linkedin.com/in/mahtonu

My GitHub profile: https://github.com/mahtonu

I am Certified ScrumMaster® now! Checkout My CSM Profile at Scrum Alliance.

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