My Blog in 2011 review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Syndey Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 13,000 times in 2011. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 5 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

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PhpXperts Seminar 2011 – follow up

17th December 2011, on tech premises at the heart of Dhaka, the largest tech seminar took place once again featuring latest web trends and interesting PHP sessions brought by the experts from the industry. In this 5th annual program of phpXperts, more than 500 developers, open source enthusiasts, journalists, students, geeks joined the daylong event to inhabit the tech gathering which finally became huge success and significant in the local PHP community.

This long awaited annual program included with a new addition of short sessions of 6 minutes each along with regular sessions with speakers and the sponsors presented their companies or projects within the event frame. The pretty item in the seminar was the quiz session after each two speaking and winners were awarded with many exciting gadgets.

Basically openness & friendliness of phpXperts community became the icon of tech community of the country, more auspicious developers have been stimulated from the phpXperts. This enormous tech group feeds heavy input to local web industry and the web generation of Bangladesh.

Hasin Hayder, the man behind the scene, doing the hard work as founder-moderator of the group and the mentor to local PHP community.

Seminar references are as below:


Sessions with Speakers

Lets have some fun with – Twilio & OpenTok APIMizanur Rahman

Get Excited! Enterprise Search Solutions at your FingerTipsMurshed Ahmmad Khan

Dependency Injection, Reinventing how you manage PHP classesRifat Nabi

Setting up Amazon EC2 Servers: Make Your Server Elastic!Tahsin Hasan

Continuous feature integration in large projectsNHM Tanveer Hasan Khan & Nafi ul karim

MongoDB, a document store that won’t let you down!Nurul Ferdous

Getting Up and running with Zend FrameworkMd. Shoriful Islam Ronju & Saidur Rahman Bijon

A Brief Intro to the Symfony Application Framework v2.xLoban Amaan Rahman


Taking Advantage of Client Side / JavaScript Templates in Rich Internet Applications. – M. Mahbubur Rahman

Hybrid authentication and talking to social networksRayhan Chowdhury

Supervisor, Gearman and PHP – Job management with sanity!Abu Ashraf Masnun

Mystery of cryptography, ciphers and the dark side of the moonHasin Hayder & M A Hossain Tonu


6 minutes of Fame

Smelling Your CodeRaju Mazumder

WordPress plugin / theme development best practicesTareq Hasan

Flying on the cloudImran Hossain Shaon

Rapid facebook application development using LightBulb – Md. Alamgir Hossain Rinku

ZCE – Inside OutShehzad Noor Taus

RESTful Web ServicesMd. Eftakhairul Islam Rain

Download all the presentation slides:

Seminar booklet:

Cover Design of the booklet of phpXperts

Photo Albums:

Seminar follow up in Bengali:

Cheers 🙂

Mac: A New User’s Experience

Screenshot of Mac OS X Snow Leopard, released ...
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Since last few days I am using Macbook with Mac OS X 10.6.3.  Here I tried to share my short time user experience focused on usability and features rather than look and feel. I hope experienced apple eaters wont mind on my pre-mature review and fell free to suggest me conceptual remarks.

Features that I like most:

  • Process management is awesome.
  • Faster Data transfer than other platforms with same configuration hardware.
  • Spotlight- i’m lovin’ it.
  • Inter application connectivity among default mac applications.
  • Applications are applications; not seen to become as os feature after install, you know what I mean ;).
  • Found pure flavor of multitasking there.
  • Terminal using UNIX commands, a plus for penguin lovers.
  • Hitting screen corners with mouse to get all the windows, desktop etc. and it works enough smooth.
  • Application installation procedure is too smart crashing any dependency.
  • Dedicated eject button
  • Common preference command ⌘, for any application.
  • Disk utility is nice.
  • Seems the track pad knows how much I want to scroll. Multi touch trac pad is awesome
  • Three-pane-view finder is good.(but i will keep nautilus on top)
  • Power management is awesome.

Things I am frustrated with:

  • Built-in mail client is too lazy to sent mail immediate after hitting send button.
  • Delete button doesn’t behave well at FireFox.
  • Hitting enter on a selected folder suppose to open that folder instead of opening the folder rename. I will say pressing command buttons to open a folder is over smartness.
  • Cut-paste missing 😦
  • Have to watch the eaten apple all the time at the top left corner.
  • Mac OS X is much larger in size and so the updates are.
  • Requires huge horse power to run OSX (ah! Linux is the lightest thing you ever install in your computer)
  • Isn’t the price of hw/accessories too high?
  • Creating a desktop short cut from anywhere in the mac is much frustrating.
  • Viewing hidden file in mac osx is much frustrating.
  • If I use an external drive and delete some files from there then mac keeps the deleted items in the trash folder inside that drive occupying more space instead of permanently deleting the file. I should call it an un-smart act of mac. even they don’t have permanently deletion feature.

What I am missing here:

  • Though Mac provides advanced screenshot functionality but still missing my old button
  • Missing a good built-in text editor, wish Textmate may built in with mac os x 😛
  • Missing remote desktop connection GUI utility.
  • VGA port… must be a bad joke from steve job (dude you are selling the port separate shamelessly! )
  • Missing permanent file, folder deletion system from keyboard

I must quote a mac users’s comment here: “OSX is based on FreeBSD – they took a free operating system and customized it (Darwin) and then called it their own and charge a huge premium (allowed by BSD)”. I would say it’s alright but can anybody speak to steve that for this single reason apple should give the facility to existing leopard users to upgrade to lion free of cost 😉

Overall my impression on mac is “much impressive performer”. Still I would like to spend extra bucks for apple thingy.

Cheers! 🙂


My Talks at phpXperts Seminar 2010

My recent talks on JavaScript at phpXperts Seminar 2010 : “Beauty of Web“, the biggest tech seminar at Dhaka.


My topic titled “JavaScript Wash” covered the followings:

  • Common JS issues
  • JS in Mobile Application Development
  • Interactive UI samples
  • Open Source JS Libraries
  • The High-Performance JS Mantra
  • JavaScript Development Tools

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My Slides for Seminar at DUET : “Building Tech Careers”



  • Engineering Approach
  • Design Patterns
  • Architectural Patterns
  • PHP Development Methodology
  • PHP Development Process
  • Best Practices
  • Successful PHP Projects
  • Open source
  • Revenue Model
  • User Documentation
  • Commercial Support
Presented for a Seminar “BUILDING TECH CAREERS” at DUET, Bangladesh.

inArray in JavaScript

First of I would like to say that JavaScript doesn’t provide inArray or in_array method to check if a value exists in an array like php do PHP: in_array 😦

Well we have some good options instead 😀

But before using some custom inArray method, you better know that if you are a jQuery freak then this post is not for you because jQuery have a nice utility jQuery.inArray() – jQuery API

Yeah! we are talking about raw and plain JavaScript implementation of in_array in JavaScript.

For this we are going to add a inArray prototype method into Array class of JavaScript using simple linear search inside that method like below:

Array.prototype.inArray = function (value)
 // Returns true if the passed value is found in the
 // array. Returns false if it is not.
 var i;
 for (i=0; i < this.length; i++)
 if (this[i] == value)
 return true;
 return false;

Awesome! right 😀

Now we will use it in terms of JavaScript feature as we have already added inArray method as Array class method

var testArr= ["Shrek","Feona","Donkey"];
//use of inArray
   document.write('Are we there yet!!!!');
   document.write('Thank God!!!');

Here with our inArray prototype method implementation we are able to access inArray using DOT(.) with the given array object where most of the in_array methods takes main array as haystack and a value as needle such as in_array(search_value,array) .

This function should work fairly well on relatively small lists of items. For a larger array, a binary search function may be more appropriate.

In this way you may implement some more handy javascript prototype method.

Cheers! 🙂